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Monthly Support Group


Communicating with family and friends about infertility may be one of the most difficult challenges individuals and couple face. Unfortunately, even the most caring relative or friend may not be able to understand the  stresses of infertility – and therefore may be unable to properly offer help.

Our group is an opportunity for individuals and couples who understand the infertility
“roller coaster” to talk, share feelings, losses, tips and humor. It aims to inform, support, and alleviate the isolation of those affected by infertility in safe, caring, and nurturing environment.

About Our Group

The first Tuesday of every month from 6pm to 7pm.

Boston IVF — The Albany Center
Loudonville, NY

Our Support Group is led by Boston IVF — The Albany Center Clinical Coordinator Cayce Beauregard, RN – who has personally experienced the difficulties of starting a family.

• Share your story, feelings and concerns – which can be an important factor in your ability to move forward and persevere through the infertility journey.

We welcome both current patients and those who have not yet begun or considered treatment.

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Why Join a Support Group?

A support group will help decrease your sense of isolation in facing a difficult life situation. More than likely, a group will help you regain previous levels of coping skills or develop more effective coping mechanisms for the particular issues you face. Many people in support groups also report a sense of enhanced self esteem.

When Should You Seek a Support Group?

Consider joining a support group when you are:

• Having difficulty with decision-making
• Embarking on new parenting options
• Dealing with a major loss
• Having difficulty communicating with your partner
• Dealing with family, friends, and the fertile world at large

Is a Support Group Right for Me?

A support group is right for you if:

• You are feeling lonely and isolated and have very few people to talk with about your infertility.
• You feel that no one understands and everyone you know is pregnant or has children.
• If your partner is the only person who provides you with emotional support
• Infertility is affecting your work and career.
• You feel that your life plan is out of control.
• You are having trouble navigating through your medical treatment options.
• You can’t decide when “enough is enough”
• Holidays and coping with family and friends is becoming more and more difficult.