Second Opinions

Are you getting the best possible infertility care from your doctor or fertility center in Albany?

When it comes to your success, it’s crucial that you feel comfortable and confident in the quality of care you are receiving. The longer it takes, the more costly it becomes and both time and money is something most people can’t afford to waste.

At Boston IVF – The Albany Center, we understand the emotions that individuals and couples face when dealing with infertility. Our local center and national fertility network specializes in diagnosing and successfully treating very difficult cases of infertility where there have been previously failed attempts at IUI and IVF.

If you have tried and failed at other clinics, we have developed a unique process that will provide you with the care you deserve.

We can help, where others can’t.


Have you seen a fertility doctor in the past? Unsure about the treatments or level of care that you are receiving? Our Second Opinion Program offers patients an opportunity to receive advice from our team.
Our program offers proven treatments and better value for your money as compared to other centers. We begin with a comprehensive analysis and diagnosis of your infertility, which leads to fewer IUI and IVF attempts.
You will gain access to technologies that improve fertility success rates. Our genetic tests screen for abnormalities in your embryos and our new incubators* ensure optimal embryo health.
You will receive a complete re-audit of your fertility records by our Albany center fertility doctors. If your case proves to be rare or difficult, our national network of physicians will  review it together at our monthly analysis meeting.
Our team will develop a personalized second opinion that analyzes your past treatments and offers alterations to your care – based on your age, finances, success rate, and best chance for a successful pregnancy.
We will schedule a consultation with our team to review our findings and an opportunity to hear more about our plan to help you become pregnant in the shortest time possible.