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LGBTQ Family Building


At Boston IVF — The Albany Center, we believe it is the right of every individual or couple to build their own family ““ and that loving families come in many forms. We felt this way when we first opened our doors ““ and more than ever today. We are honored to help patients understand their fertility options and to provide them with the resources to build a family.

Our fertility experts having treated same sex couples for over 15 years and understand the importance of finding the best option for each patient. We can relate to the emotional “ups and downs” that may accompany the this process. Some of our team members have gone through the fertility journey themselves and understand how important it is to be cared for, both medically and emotionally.


two womensmallFor lesbian and single women, fertility treatment may be as simple as intrauterine insemination (IUI) using donor sperm. For women with diminished ovarian reserve, tubal, or pelvic factors, in vitro fertilization (IVF) may provide the best chance for pregnancy. Before undergoing any treatment, all women should be evaluated to identify factors that may interfere with conception, where an individualized treatment plan is then prescribed.

Lesbian couples may choose to have one woman provide the egg and her partner carry the pregnancy. In this scenario, one partner undergoes ovarian stimulation and surgical retrieval of her eggs for IVF. The embryo is then transferred into her partner’s uterus that has been synchronized with the egg provider’s cycle.

Partner Assisted Reproduction (PAR) ensures both partners have a biological relationship to a child. One partner provides the egg, which is fertilized with anonymous or known donor sperm outside the body ““ and the resultant embryo(s) is transferred into the other partner who then becomes pregnant.


The combination of IVF using donor eggs fertilized with sperm of the intended parent(s) with embryo transfer into a surrogate (gestational carrier), enables gay and single men to gay couplehave their own biological children. At Boston IVF — The Albany Center, we have extensive experience in assisting gay men have children using these techniques over the past 15 years.

For gay men, family building through IVF requires the use of an egg donor and a gestational carrier. These roles may be provided by female relatives, close friends or women who provide these services through a fee-based agreement facilitated by an agency. If a relative or friend is not participating as a donor and/or gestational surrogate, male couples must also work with an agency that facilitates finding a gestational carrier and donor. Boston IVF — The Albany Center prides itself in working with some of the most respected third party agencies in the Northeast.


We proudly offer an array of fertility treatment options for the transgender community:

• IUI • IVF • PAR • Egg & Sperm Freezing • Referrals to Reliable Donor Agencies