Optum Center of Excellence Designation | Albany IVF

Boston IVF – The Albany Center Receives Optum® Center of Excellence Designation

Boston IVF – The Albany Center is proud to announce that we have been designated as a member of the OptumHealth Center of Excellence network.

Our practice is the ONLY fertility provider in Central New York to be chosen as a Center of Excellence.

Optum - Center of Excellence

Fertility Center of Excellence programs promote best care clinical practice and cost efficacy. For fertility practices this means we have been recognized for providing more efficient treatments and high success rates.

The Clinical Review team at Optum analyzes the outcomes and administrative structure of fertility clinics to select providers with the ability to sustain strong delivery, implantation, and low multiple birth rates. Based on their review of centers, they designate practices across the country as far exceeding a strict set of criteria – and award them the Center of Excellence designation.