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Fertility Counseling

Banner_Health_FormCounseling for individuals and couples can offer help in coping with stress, including the stress of ongoing medical treatments, the uncertainty of outcome and pregnancy.Our psychologists can help you work through the stress of on-going medical treatments, relationship issues, job challenges, and family crises.

Each psychologist at the Domar Center holds the highest level of licensure in and offer a sympathetic ear and invaluable counseling services for a wide array of other personal challenges that both individuals and couples face. Through personalized emotional support, coping skills and guidance, our patients see a decrease in stress and improvements in overall well-being.

Who Should See a Fertility Counselor?

♦ Individuals and couples looking to cope with the stress and uncertainty of fertility treatments
♦ Individuals and couple who have experienced one or more failed cycles
♦ Individuals and couples who have experienced a miscarriage
♦ Individuals and couples whose infertility challenges are causing distress and disruption in their lives
♦ Individuals whose stress is affecting relationships with family, friends, their career, or sex life
♦ Individuals and couples who have experienced one or more unsuccessful cycle and just need to “vent” and receive advice from a professional who truly “gets it”


Counseling for Infertility

At times, infertility can become isolating, emotionally painful and financially straining. Recent studies even show that women struggling with infertility have stress and depression levels equal to those going through treatment for cancer. Our staff of psychologists specialize in all aspects of women’s health issues, including infertility, pregnancy, pregnancy loss, eating disorders, postpartum depression, bereavement, parenting, menopause, and women’s cancers (breast or gynecological).

Individual Counseling

Our Domar Center counseling services are availale to men and women for a wide range of issues. Our psychologists can help individuals to resolve symptoms of anxiety, depression, issues with decision-making, careers, lifestyle, relationships, and more.

Marriage and Relationship Counseling

Our counseling services for married couples and those in close relationships offers professional support and guidance to better meet each other’s deepest needs, how to resolve past hurts, how to stop damaging conflicts and how to restore those original loving feelings. Meeting with a psychologist is also beneficial to those who aim to improve communication skills, financial stress, disagreements, sexual issues, parenting differences, changes in work, family life, or any other challenge which is affecting their relationship.

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